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Tax Capture Bills for Libraries Await Action
Update: April 28, 2016
The Michigan Senate and Senate leadership recognized the importance of supporting the funding structure for Michigan’s libraries and voted 36-2 to pass the seven-bill package allowing libraries to protect their dedicated special millages. The bills, SB 579 and SB 619-624, are now awaiting introduction in the House Tax Policy Committee.
A number of work groups are currently working on a more broad-based solution to the tax capture issue that would impact all special millages. As a result, House leadership is looking to those potential bills as a solution prior to moving the library package. While the Michigan Library Association would prefer immediate action on our tax capture package, it understands the significance of a comprehensive fix to the tax capture issue and awaits the outcome of the work group’s efforts.
On average, nearly 80 percent of library funding comes from locally dedicated special library millages. The Michigan Library Association see these bills as a step toward taxpayer accountability, tax capture transparency and ensure dedicated library millages go to support the voters’ choice.
Did you know that $8 million per year is diverted
from library budgets to tax capture districts?

Under current law, local taxes approved by voters for library funding are being captured against the libraries' choice, without taxpayers’ knowledge or approval. 

Local TIFs capture $36,000 from the South Haven Memorial Library's annual budget.
Imagine what SHML could do with those funds.

Storytime is on vacation! See you in the fall!
Watch this space for updates.

"Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future."
Ray Bradbury

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